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Welcome to Juice Plus +® From Low Carb Supplement.com. Juice Plus +® is the convenient and inexpensive way to add more nutrition from fresh, raw fruits and vegetables to your diet, every day.Order Juice Plus +® is much more than a traditional vitamin and mineral supplement. Juice Plus+® is a whole food based supplement, providing the nutritional essence of 17 different fruits, vegetables and grains in convenient Juice Plus +® form.

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Juice Plus+® is much more than a vitamin and mineral supplement, it's the next best thing to eating FRESH, RAW fruits and vegetables!

Juice Plus is a whole food based supplement, made from 17 different nutritious fruits and vegetables, not a highly processed, highly fragmented vitamin or mineral supplement. Juice Plus provides not only a much wider variety of naturally occuring vitamins and minerals, but also the photochemicals, antioxidants, active enzymes, chlorophyll and other nutrients -- even the fiber -- found in the fresh, raw fruits and vegetables it's made from.


July 10, 2009 with Central Indiana Co-op


  • Don't make the event you are inviting to their first exposure; have them listen to a juice plus CD, call toll free line, watch vide online …etc. They are more likely to “get it” if they have already had some educational exposure.
  • Come to the event prepared with additional materials: brochures, CD/ DVD , juice plus order form, nutrition tips, fun kid's exercises ( www.davidkatzmd.com ).
  • EXPECT TO TAKE ORDERS (& expect new juice plus distributors) following your event. You get what you expect! ASK for the sale…don't be afraid. They have just heard all this info on the importance of fruits and vegetables; you have a solution to their problem (if they see it)!
  • In the invitation process, use verbiage along the lines of “I pick you.” Make them feel special, included, valued! “ Come-on-along ” and join the fun and education. “I would love to spend more time with you; I would love for us to go together; I would love to get to know you better order juiceplus…..”
  • Create a juice plus distribution list on email for all your contacts (prospects and customers) and invite everyone via email…no exclusions! Then, narrow your focus and choose ~20 people to personally call and invite. It is not realistic to think that you are going to call 200+ people for every event…take the pressure off of yourself and choose who to focus your time and energy on for each individual event (and track it in your Monthly Event Planner).
  • Increase your energy level when calling juiceplus! For example, if you are normally talking at a “5,” increase it to a “7-8.” If you are normally at a “9,” increase it to an “11.” People feed off of your excitement and enthusiasm……“Kick it up a notch!”
  • If they give you a “yes” or “maybe” then directly ask them, “CAN I COUNT ON YOU.” People will generally be committed to their word. If you don't get an absolute “yes, you can count on me being there,” chances are, they WON 'T be there……save yourself some disappointment! If you don't know who will or won't be there, you most likely have not been direct enough in your invitation and asked for a commitment.
  • Personalize your invitation; make it all about them and detach from the outcome. People want to know what is in it for them. Don't try to convince anyone. Remember, “a man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” Let it go and order juice plus!!
  • Help them see the bigger picture of the helpful education, the sense of community with the juice plus team, the positive environment…focus on the relationships. “I want you to meet my team” makes it about you….rather try, “I want my team to meet YOU.” It changes the energy all around it showing you value your invitee and you believe that others will benefit from meeting them (and not so much vice versa)!
  • Use the Law of Averages in your favor: Besides your blast email, get out and about in the community and pass out flyers as if they were candy!! You never know whose life you will touch with this message. Say to yourself, “I WILL NOT PREJUDGE AND I WILL NOT HOLD BACK” (ego must go)!!!
  • Be sure to follow up after the juice plus order event for those who did attend, those who said they would but didn't and even some who said they wouldn't but you want to share your excitement and some of what you learned with them IF they are open….use it as an opportunity to invite them to the next event (i.e.Wellness Presentation scheduled within a couple weeks).
  • Encourage them to bring their spouse, family members, friends…..etc! Juice Plus is for everyone.
  • Get organized; use the monthly event planner, connection record form, juice plus virtual office…etc.

Juice Plus backed by independent scientific research and JuicePlus the most thoroughly researched nutritional supplement ever!

Numerous published clinical studies conducted at leading universities and research hospitals all over the world on Juice Plus show that JuicePlus.

Juice Plus is backed by independent scientific research and Juice Plus is the most thoroughly researched nutritional supplement ever!

Order JuicePlus

Numerous published clinical studies conducted on JuicePlus at leading universities and research hospitals all over the world show that Juice Plus raises the levels of antioxidants in the blood, improves various immune system functions and even reduces damage to DNA!

All this and only 1 CARB per serving.!! An Ideal supplement for Low Carb Diets!

Juice Plus Capsules

Juice Plus Available to order in JuicePlus capsules, Juice Plus chewables, JuicePlus Gummies Juice Plus Complete JuicePlus Thins plus other JuicePlus products.

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